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FREE Foreign Residents in Tenerife Meeting

Limited Seats, book your assistance before it’s too late.
Meeting Date: Tuesday 7th of March at 11am.

Amarilla Golf Clubhouse .

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Fill in the application form so you don’t miss the chance to get a free assistance to the meeting:

Black Tower Meeting

These are the subjects we will give you information about:

Residency, TIE, Visas – understanding the rules and requirements.

Tax planning – What you can do to protect your assets.

Investment outlook: The impact of rising inflation , economic outlook and
Sustainable investments.

Inheritance Tax in Tenerife and Canary Islands.

Reporting obligations to the Hacienda i.e. Modelo 720 , Income tax, and
Capital Gains on overseas assets etc.

Q&A Session

Complimentary drinks and tapas will be served afterwards

Meeting Location

Event address : Amarilla Golf, 38639 San Miguel De Abona (Tenerife)