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Our team is ready to help you with your taxes both in Spain and in the UK. We are specialists in double taxation, EU regulations for frontier workers and more.
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Our pensions specialists CAN HELP YOU….

  • Understand your pension and what you are entitled to.
  • Advice on the best pension options available.
  • Find the best way to manage your retirement income.
  • Enquire about your options, pension value and tax implication and make the best decision for your future.


Is now a good time to transfer my pension?

According to the latest figures from HMRC, around 108,000 expats have transferred almost £8 billion into overseas pensions since April 2006…

That’s why now, really is the best time to explore your options, and more especially as an expatriate residing within the EU.


Overseas Pensions offer:

Tax Advantages

Investment Flexibility


Avoiding currency fluctuation

Tax Advantages


Investment Flexibility

Avoiding currency fluctuation

Our Mission

We can help you transfer your pension to a more flexible scheme where you can continue to grow your retirement income and manage it more easily. As well as dramatically reduce the taxes you will pay – and in many cases completely mitigate all UK taxes on your pension.

Have you previously worked for British Airways, or are employed with them currently? Do you hold the NAPS Pension Scheme which closed in 2018?

If you answered YES, then it is highly likely that you already have a NAPS pension in place but are unable to access, contribute towards, or change it in any way. Because of this, you may have to wait until your retirement age to start drawing from your NAPS.

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For many, their pension income is vital to living the retirement lifestyle of their choice. Take control today and enjoy the flexibility to choose how your pension is invested and paid to you.

As an expatriate, transferring your pension abroad can offer several advantages, including those who are deferred scheme members e.g. Final Salary.

Some benefits of a qualifying regulated overseas pension are:

  • Access to a pension commencement lump sum of up to 30% (TAX FREE)
  • NEVER having to buy an annuity
  • Protection against possible future creditors
  • Your income can be taken in your choice of currency
  • Improved confidentiality on your investments
  • Free from all UK Taxes

What is an overseas pension?

An overseas pension is an international pension scheme available to expatriates and commuters as a way of transferring their UK pension benefits when they relocate to another country. It is based in a jurisdiction other than the UK, but meets Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) rules to receive transfers from UK-registered pension funds without any problem or tax implication.

Are you living in Europe? Some reasons to think about transferring your pension:


EU residents can transfer UK pensions into EU/EEA- based Qualified pension tax-free.


While UK pensions can be restrictive, most qualifying overseas pension schemes will allow you to take cash or income benefits in a much more flexible manner (unlike a UK annuity or ‘final salary’ pension)


Overseas pensions offer the option to pass the value of your pension to your spouse and/or family in the event of your death.


It protects your pension from currency fluctuations.


Access your pension savings from age 55.


Qualifying overseas pension transfers protect investor against any future changes in UK pension legislation.